Storm of evil
We drink from the chalice of the frightened screams.
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lord-saturos preguntó: ¿Me eliminaste o deshabilitaste tu FB? o.o


Lo cerré de nuevo xD


"Victims; aren’t we all…”

Try  to not cry, cry a lot…


1991. The Laws Of Scourge

 is the third LP from the Brazilian band Sarcofago. This is when the band’s satanic lyrics and imagery toned down in favor of a more realistic style of writing. For example, “Midnight Queen” is about a prostitute, while “Screeches From The Silence” is about living life in the fast lane. The lyrical content has shifted as well, from satanically-inspired imagery to ideas that are more death metal related. Their musical style has changed as well, moving from their signature hyperspeed black to technical death metal, and the sound quality has improved from I.N.R.I. This is also the last record with someone playing drums, as from “Hate” onwards, they would use electronic drums.

Wagner Lamounier     Fabio “Jhasko”    Geraldo Minelli     Lucio Oliver

Gotta love Sarcófago

(vía evil-cunt-eater)


Parabellum - Engendro 666 (by deathontheroad666)

This Colombian band was active from 1983-1988.

"Y el sublime poeta dedicó sus versos al sol y este con sus rayos de fuego le quemó, y la luna con sus frías caricias sanó sus heridas… Y AL MARICA POETA LE CORTARON LA CABEZA, Y QUEMARON SU CUERPO EN LA HOGUERA"

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